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Sep 27, 2020

Sharok Drills Nico Leon at Cockboys

Guess who has a longtime crush on Nico Leon? It's Sharok! He returns to finally get a scene with the guy he describes as beautiful. That's not all Sharok has to share either. He opens up about his sexual awakening which included an avid interest in gay erotic fiction. And, reading some of his stash, including a personally relevant story, with Nico serves as the first bit of fun foreplay between them. Nico soon gets into the hot erotica and he flirts with an equally hard Sharok sitting across from him.

However, Sharok wants more. He gently orders Nico to come over and stand before him so he can get him slowly undressed while and caressing him and the in his . Sharok aggressively makes out with Nico and seductively exchanges breathless dirty talk which in turn drives Nico to eagerly go down on him. Even as Sharok lies back enjoying the pleasure, Nico is already begging to be fucked.

But first Sharok wants to drink in his beauty and watch as Nico poses for him. After more passionate Sharok commands him to suck his , but upon seeing how hard Nico is he can't help but suck him while maintaining control. Soon Sharok turns Nico around to rim him deep and start giving his hole the cock it craves. Sharok pounds Nico deep, often holding him tight and gripping his throat while bringing him close to the edge and begging to be bred.

Sharok proceeds to Nico as he pleases: drilling him over the chair and then the sofa where he stuffs Nico's mouth with his own socks. Finally, Sharok flips over Nico to suck & rim him and thrust into him. Without warning, Nico shoots his load first and that brings Sharok closer. His thick, massive load explodes in an intense orgasm and Sharok fucks some back into Nico. As he kisses Nico again Sharok still can't keep help but relish his beauty. He's one happy man!

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