Jan 14, 2022

One for the Road with Garrett Kinsley & Ethan Tate

After a short visit with his boy, Ethan Tate, gorgeous Garrett Kinsley is anxious about an upcoming exam; so, he starts to pack and head back to his dorm. Tate has other plans and he’s very hard to resist.

The two-some wind up throwing caution to the wind and clothes to the floor. Kinsley feels Ethan’s bulge begin to throb through his jeans so he goes in tongue first. He licks the extra large lollipop, teasing the , before taking it FULL deep-throat. It takes him two hands to handle this huge hog.

Kinsley smacks the beefy cock against his face, while taking deep gulps of the shaft. He tells his boy, “your turn.” He face fucks Ethan’s soft mouth before turning him around to eat his bubble butt. After getting his hole all wet with his tongue, he eases the entire length of his long pole in and gets to work.

Kinsley quickly builds up a nice speed, smacking the Ethan’s booty, and grabbing his hips for deeper penetration. He flips him over and keeps filling him hard. He starts to stroke Tate’s dick and decides he wants to take a ride himself. He pulls out and climbs aboard Tate’s throbbing cock for an epic ride that sends him shooting!

Garret explodes, covering his thigh, stomach, cock, and balls with with a hot load of cum. His hole tightens around Ethan’s dick, and Kinsley can feel he’s about to nut. He hops off, and plants his cheek right next to the boy’s pretty piece. He waits, mouth open for that first explosion and then, unable to resist, goes in for a big gulp of fresh boy goo. After a nice taste, he moves up for a final kiss, as fresh cream drizzles from his lips.

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