Jan 4, 2022

Thick Dicks with Asher Haynes & Ethan Tate

We join jock horny young studs, Ethan Tate and Asher Haynes, as things heat up right from the start! Locked in a passionate kiss, the two caress, strip, and fiercely grope each another.

Haynes gets a handful of ass, filled with promises of what’s to cum, as Ethan drops to his knees to unpack his tatted ’s eight incher. He downs the thick dick like a pro, causing encouraging moans from hottie Haynes. After a full meal, the boy stands up, quickly reminding Asher about that amazing ass. Haynes gropes his ass and orders him to, “lay back.” He throats the ’s perfectly curved cock, then tosses his lean legs in the air, to give that tight tush a tonguing.

After opening up Tate’s hole a bit, Asher stands and finally delivers some of that delicious dick. He takes Ethan on a wild tour, turning him out on his back, then doggy, and finally on his side, where Ethan, unable to hold back any longer, explodes and covers the red comforter with fresh loads of creamy cum.

Haynes gets on his knees and straddles his cum spent conquest. Tate reaches back and spreads his cheeks. Haynes takes the hint and blows his nut right on the hottie’s freshly fucked hole. His large load pools in the boy’s throbbing hole as Asher plunges his shaft back in hard and deep.

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