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Jun 29, 2024

Tristan Fucks the Cum Out of Leo in “Always Working” at CockyBoys

Leo Grand & Tristan Hunter take an afternoon work break for an uninhibited erotic encounter inspired by the beauty of the nature that surrounds them in ” Always Working”, part 2 of SURRENDER. While enjoying the serene summer beauty of a Camp CockyBoys getaway, the guys also spend time with chores, with Leo and Tristan putting the finishing touches on a fence post. Once they get it situated, they rest up but it's not long before they take advantage of being alone and out of sight from the others.

After some sweet kisses and gentle fondling, Leo makes the first move by taking out Tristan's big dick and stroking him so perfectly that Tristan is almost on the edge. Leo then pulls down his pants and bend over next to boulder to tempt Tristan with his butt as it stretches out his briefs. Tristan teases Leo's ass before pulling down his underwear to lick and finger his hole. And with Leo holding on to the large rock, Tristan enters him for a relentless ass pounding.

Soon, after stripping Leo naked, except for his work boots, Tristan picks him up and lays him on his back atop the boulder to continue fucking him deep—and Leo relishes it all.  They do take a break though to enjoy a hot 69 in the tall grass and once Leo slicks up Tristan's cock and Tristan spit lubes his hole,  they move further into the grass. There Tristan fucks Leo from behind and almost on top of his hole.

Tristan then fully embraces his dominant side, taking Leo over to the post they planted, where he pulls out a belt to bind Leo's wrists behind his back and resumes fucking him. After a while Tristan unbinds Leo and fucks the cum out of him and keeps pounding his hole. Finally, Tristan pulls out to shoot his load in Leo's mouth —and the rest Leo sucks off Tristan's head. Tristan picks up Leo once more for a passionate kiss, still all alone, with no one aware they christened their post in a very special way.

Watch sexy twink Leo get fucked!

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View the full Surrender series at Cockyboys. Here's a peak at some behind the scenes from future episodes.

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