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Jul 16, 2021

New Day: Camping Fuck with Zach Astor & Avery Jones

As NEW DAY continues, returning newcomer Zach Astor and Avery Jones show that a camping weekend getaway, spending time with someone without any distractions, gives you the freedom to be yourself and reconnect. Here, Avery whisks Zach away in a camper for a weekend at the , a little night time sucking and jerking off, and other fun outdoors actvities.

Upon their return from a camping trip Zach & Avery are happy to plop down on a comfy bed and kiss with renewed passion and freedom to express just what they want in bed!  Avery really wants Zach's and once he gets it out of his pants he sucks away. Zach is very vocal expressing how good it feels as Avery uses his mouth and hands and takes on the challenge of deep-throating him.

Soon Avery also worships Zach's cock & and plants kisses over his taut torso. As they make out again, Zach reaches around to play with Avery's hole and tongue it. Avery is also vocal in his pleasure and gets up to sit on Zach's face and feed him cock. After riding his tongue Avery moves down and slides his hole on Zach's waiting cock. Avery's hole swallows every inch of cock and soon he's taking Zach's deep, slow upward and sideways thrusts.

Zach shows there's more to a top than fucking as he makes out with Avery and sucks his cock with the same devotion he received. But soon Zach goes back to fucking Avery on his back, plowing him relentlessly until he fucks a load out of him. With his passionate lust still unquelled Zach makes out with Avery and turn him over to tongue his ass again.

With Avery's hole primed again, Zach fucks Avery's raised up ass and practically gets on top to drill him. Zach's cock finds the bullseye again and Avery cums again, milking his cock dry. In no time Zach pulls out and, just as Avery wanted, he shoots over his hole and plunges back in to breed him deep. As they lie back, totally spent, Zach's fat cock is still pumped. Looks like that getaway did it some good too!

Hot & fucking action!

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